2 Filbert Street Milton Pennsylvania 17847
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(570) 742-8759
(570) 742-2322
Miscellaneous Information:

Todd Reedy, President
Jason Budman, Vice-President
Linda Meckley, Member
Scott Farr, Member
Charles Swartz, Member
Denise Ulmer, Member
Richard Specht, Member
William Barr, Member
Mark Shearer, Member
Russell Davis, Member
Edward Nelson, Mayor
Robert Benior, Solicitor

Monthly Meeting Schedule: (Municipal and Planning Commission)
Council-2nd & 4th Wednesday of month
Planning-as needed

Planning Commission Members:
Virginia Kaar, Chairman
Stan Salwacki, Member
Randall Kramm, Member
Donald Spiller, Member
Mark Shearer, Member
James Baldwin, Member
Tom Shaw, Member
Scott Farr, Member

Sewage Enforcement Officer:
Milton Regional Sewer Authority
(570) 742-3424

Zoning Officer:
Doug Diehl
2 Filbert Street
Milton, PA 17847
(570) 742-8759

Public Safety Information:
Milton Police Department
(570) 742-8757