175 Orange Street Northumberland Pennsylvania 17857
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(570) 473-3414
(570) 473-3986
Miscellaneous Information:

James Troup, President
Gregory Carl, Vice President
Stephen Reed, Chairman Pro Tem 
Frank Wetzel 
Jonathan Rees
Adam Klock
Ty Sees
Leonard Zboray, Mayor

Monthly Meeting Schedule: (Municipal and Planning Commission)
Council-1st Tuesday of month
Planning-4th Thursday of month

Planning Commission Members:
Frank Wetzel, Chairman
Margaret Weirick, Secretary
Judyann Schmidt
Matthew Markunas
Jonathan Groninger

Sewage Enforcement Officer:
James Sanders
1190 Pleasant Grove Road
Millmont, PA 17845
(570) 922-1218

Zoning Officer:
Paul J. Ruane
175 Orange Street
Northumberland, PA 17857
(570) 473-3414 
(570) 850-0699

Public Safety Information:
Christopher Boyer, EMA Dir.
(570) 473-8623
Timothy Fink, Chief of Police
(570) 473-8446