759 Ridge Road Northumberland Pennsylvania 17857
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(570) 473-3198
(570) 473-7812
Miscellaneous Information:

Randall Yoxheimer, Chairman
Montie Peters, Vice-Chairman
James A. Neitz, Sr.
Justin Dunkelberger
George P. Geise

Monthly Meeting Schedule: (Municipal and Planning Commission)
Municipal-2nd Tuesday of month
Planning-3rd Tuesday of month

Planning Commission Members:
Ronnie Vandine, Chairman
Joannie Brooks, Secretary
Thomas Strouse
Chris Peifer
James Groninger

Sewage Enforcement Officer:
William Toth
2A Old Green Creek Road
Benton, PA 17814
(570) 458-0140

Zoning Officer:
Ordinance Enforcement Officer
Roy Sulouff
106 Nietz Road
Northumberland, PA 17857
(570) 473-8736

Zoning Officer
Jacqueline Hart

Public Safety Information:

Point Township Police Dept.
Josh VanKirk, Chief
(570) 473-9364 (Office)
Emg. No. (570) 473-9114 

Point Township Fire
Chief James Geise

Tuckahoe and Point Township Fire Departments

EMA Coordinator
George Geise