1815 8th St. Drive
P.O. Turbot Avenue
Watsontown Pennsylvania 17777
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(570) 538-1018
(570) 538-1018
Miscellaneous Information:



Jon McCormick, Chairman Supervisor
James C. Ranck, Vice Chairman Supervisor
Gary E. Truckenmiller
William Michael, Sr., Secretary/Treasurer
Mark L. Burrows, Asst. Secretary/Treasurer


Monthly Meeting Schedule: (Municipal and Planning Commission)
Supervisor - 1st Tuesday of Month
March/November/December 1st Thursday
Planning Comm - 3rd Thursday of Month


Planning Commission Members:

Frank N. Marquardt, Chairman
Brian Cotner, Vice-Chairman
Dick Witmer, Member
Douglas Ertel, Member
Kristen Moyer, Member
Robert Hormell
Donald Gresh


Sewage Enforcement Officer:

James A. Sanders
1190 Pleasant Grove Road
Millmont, PA 17845
(570) 922-1218


Zoning Officer:

Lisa H. Wehr
3170 River Road
Watsontown, PA 17777
(570) 538-1054


Public Safety Information:

Pennsylvania State Police
Warrior Run Area Fire Department
Warrior Run Area Ambulance
Watsontown, PA 17777